System Upgrades


RAM Upgrades

Upgrading your system memory can really boost performance especially if your a user that likes to have multiple tabs open when web browsing or you're maxing out your memory capacity due to all the programs you have running.


Hard Drive Upgrades

Love to store loads of photos and movies on your computer but now finding it hard because your running out  of storage space, then a hard drive upgrade is probably what you need, we can upgrade your storage without loosing any of your data.

If data storage isn't the issue and speed is then a upgrade to an SSD Hard Drive is defiantly what you need. We can clone your current drive to the new SSD so everything is copied across that also includes your programs.


Processor & Graphics Upgrades

Brought a new PC game and you cant get that FPS you desire? You probably have a system bottleneck why not upgrade your CPU or GPU to something than can deliver the gaming performance your after.